We believe that the marriage relationship is the most important human relationship. God intends every marriage to reflect His love and faithfulness.  Marriage is a picture of the gospel... of Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:21-35).  

So our dream is that couples will be INTENTIONAL about creating a life-long, God-honoring, thriving relationship. Therefore, our mission is to be INTENTIONAL about building strong, healthy, God-honoring marriages. Below you see our basic philosophy and strategy to help you make your marriage all God wants it to be!

3 Core Commitments:

- Love God First

- Love and Respect

- Practice Your Promise

3 Areas of FOCUS:

- PREPARE - starting the marriage right

- ENRICH - building thriving marriages

- REPAIR - repairing struggling and broken marriages

3 Enviroments:

- ENCOURAGE couples through large groups

- EMPOWER couples through small groups

- EQUIP individual couples (resources, mentoring/counseling, date nights...)

*If you want more information about what we are currently doing, check out our calendar​, upcoming events​ or contact our family pastor, Marc Grindle for more info on weddings, or marriage mentoring/counseling.