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  • Pray for our city, country and world during this difficult time. 
  • Dustin - (Brother of Dan Augustine - Rock River Christian Camp Manager)  Has all the symptoms of the COVID-19.  Waiting for the test results.  They won't admit him yet.  Has a wife and 5 kids. 
  • Bryan - (Son of Phyllis Baxter) Recovering from Stroke
  • Ben Belmontes - Broke his back while at work.  Recovering well
  • Bob Joers - (Brother of Deb Kuetzing and Karen Rooney) Battling pancreatic cancer. Please pray for weight gain.
  • Julia Miller - (Laura Barker's mother) fell and broke her arm
  • Soren Newcomb - (Deb Newcomb's son) struggling with depression
  • Flo Siljenberg - getting treatment for back pain
  • Wendi Petitt - Struggling with Huntington's disease 
  • Gary - (Brother-in-law of Ruth Simmons) Has stage 4 throat cancer.  His daughter, Beth (Ruth's niece) has Lyme's disease and immune disorder